Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maiden Blush Rose - If You Love Me, You Will Find It Out.


  1. My dear Amy

    I really think that the term coquet really suits you. However, I always thought that that it was a masculine term. It is nice to see that we live in a modern world and that whores like your self have truly appropriated the term and made it their own.

    When can I fuck you?

  2. Dear Jo,

    The name came from "coquito" a Chilean palm tree that yields large amount of sweet sap (palm honey). Also, my dictionary tells me "coquet" are men who flirts and "coquette" are women who flirts.

    I don't flirt, I fuck!

    So the name coquitten - kitten yielding large amount of sweet sap!

    This is the first time you asked to fuck me! Thanks. But as my pimp you can fuck me anytime between jobs, and why didn't you?

    -Whore Amy

  3. My dear Amy I will fuck you any time.

    However, me sitting back and masturbating over you and your fuck buddies does not please you?

  4. Dear Jo,

    It does, it does.
    But I still want you to say you want to fuck me.

    Your whore,